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BAZ Partnerships &Programs

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MArch of dimes.png

Stork's Nest is a 40-year-old partnership between Zeta Phi Beta and March of Dimes. Stork's Nest is a community-based, prenatal, health promotion program for low-income pregnant women. The program is designed to promote prenatal care participation and healthy behaviors during pregnancy through two components-incentives and education. Stork's Nest clients 'earn' points toward incentives, such as maternity or baby care items, through a variety of positive, health-promoting activities; attending prenatal care appointments, participating in prenatal education classes, keeping appointments for well-baby visits, etc. Thousands of women are serviced at Stork's Nest all over the country every year.

Military Appreciation Initiative

Military Appreciation Initiative - In celebration of National Military Appreciation Week, in November Beta Alpha Zeta Chapter honors our Veterans, Active Duty, National Guardsman, and Reservists who so honorably serve our nation. We also would like to honor their families who have gone through enormous sacrifices for these members to serve.

Educational Scholarships

Educational Scholarships - Beta Alpha Zeta Chapter created and operates an educational scholarship fund exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. The principle activities and purpose of the program is to award scholarship grants to worthy students for the pursuit of higher education; to conduct community educational programs which will aid in the educational and vocational improvement in individual and community living standards; to engage in activities which will aid in the educational development of all women; and to engage in any appropriate research related to the purposes of the Foundation scholarship.


Adopt-A-School allows members of Zeta Phi Beta to identify low performing schools and provide assistance in a number of ways to enhance the educational experience, increase test scores and grades. Beta Alpha Zeta purchases supplies and/or equipment, provide volunteer hours, assist with parent engagement programs and work with administrators to identify needs that may be specific to that particular school.

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Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer - Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walks are the largest network of breast cancer awareness events in the nation, uniting communities with a shared determination to help free the world from the pain and suffering of breast cancer. Beta Alpha Zeta Chapter raises critical funds that enable the American Cancer Society to fund innovative research; offers free, information and support to anyone touched by breast cancer; and help people reduce their breast cancer risk or find it early when it's most treatable.

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